What is TechCayman?

TechCayman is a privately owned, tech enabling service provider, created to bring new and existing tech companies from around the world and to facilitate their physical presence in the Cayman Islands.

Visualize TechCayman as a portal through which companies pass and as a result, have access to a host of unique benefits and offerings.

TechCayman is a one-stop shop, with a white glove concierge relocation team.

Key Benefits

No restrictions on office location. You can set up shop on any of our three Islands
Unlimited, guaranteed, 3-year (renewable) work permits in a maximum of 10 business days
Secure Work
Dependents are uniquely permitted to secure work while in the Cayman Islands
Dedicated Client Services team, providing white glove immigration and relocation services

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TechCayman Location Map

Why Cayman?

Tax Neutral Financial Center

Global Financial, Healthcare and Innovation Hub

Nearshore to Miami with Multiple Daily Flights to the US

World Class Laws to Create, Promote and Protect Intellectual Property and Digital Assets

Stable, Business Friendly Government and a Thriving Economy

World Class Governance and Regulations, Founded on British Common Law

Modern Western Lifestyle and Infrastructure in a Charming Tropical Climate

Nonrestrictive Immigration Pathways

Cultural Diversity with 130+ Nationalities Living and Working

Safe, Family Friendly Environment with Multiple School Systems

Safe, Family Friendly Environment with Multiple School Systems

What People Say

  • "

    We at B1 made the decision to relocate our operating headquarters from Hong Kong to the Cayman Islands last year. As such, we had certain employees relocated in relation to our business activities in the tech-focused investment space. Those staff members are new to Grand Cayman and are accustomed to life in a big city with various amenities within walking distance. Identifying premium office space in a mixed-use development with residential, commercial and retail opportunities – like Camana Bay – quickly became a prime business objective. TechCayman made this possible and has since remained a key business partner for us. We are delighted to work with them as we sustainably grow our operations in the Cayman Islands.

    Paige Gaston-Thiery
    Chief Operating Officer, Block.one
  • "

    I’m from India so I relocated to the Cayman Islands in 2021 along with my family, my wife and my daughter. From the work permit process to the time that we relocated here (Grand Cayman), everything was clearly planned, communicated, and executed by the TechCayman team in a good manner.

    Puviarasu Senthil Kumar
    Associate Software Developer, PeerIslands
  • "

    I was initially anxious about everything from accommodation, shopping, and settling in, especially since I was traveling alone with my 3 year old son. However, I had a really smooth onboarding experience through TechCayman who ensured each step was taken care of. Everyone was super welcoming and proactive to enquire about my needs.


    The Cayman Islands turned out to be better than what I expected. A serene, calm and scenic island with warm people, good facilities as well as pleasant weather. I look forward to my stay here in the Cayman Islands.

    Ankita Rajan
    Salesforce Business Analyst, Impaqtive
  • "

    First impression should be the best impression, and for us, everything was pretty simple and straight forward because of the help that we got from TechCayman. Since they handled everything, as a new employee relocating, it was not a tough task to come and get settled here in the Cayman Islands. My journey started in India, and from work permit process to traveling, TechCayman played a big role and everything was done on time.

    Kushmitha Narasimhan
    Software Developer, PeerIslands
  • Shivani Mitra

    Incorporating the Museum of Crypto Art Foundation Ltd in May 2021 in the Cayman Islands cemented M○C△ as a forward-thinking and new age digital institution. The spirit of cryptocurrency – to empower sovereign individuals and create conditions for better human enterprise – lives in Cayman! Here, we found the best IP laws and tax neutral laws that encourage all team members of M○C△ to create freely and grow freely globally. We look forward to bringing more of our team members to Cayman Islands physically so that we can connect with the growing ecosystem of radical entrepreneurs on island.

    Shivani Mitra
    Co-founder & Director, Museum of Crypto Art
  • "

    Moving to the Cayman Islands was a difficult decision because it was such a big change. However, I always wanted to work abroad and grow in my career, and I was able to achieve this after relocating. The best thing about living in the Cayman Islands is that there are people here that are from different cultures, which allows you to meet a lot of new people. There are also a lot of beautiful places to visit here in Grand Cayman.

    Vitor Periera
    Associate Software Developer, PeerIslands
  • "

    The relocation process with TechCayman was well organized and the process was pretty hassle free. Even though our flight from London was two hours late, there was still a member of the TechCayman team waiting for us at the airport in Cayman to pick us up, we also had a full pantry stocked when we arrived at the place we were staying. It felt good to have someone do that for you, especially after our 24-hour journey.

    Sreenidhi Rangarajan
    Dependent of PeerIslands Employee

Education Commitment

TechCayman is committed to exposing our youth to an array of opportunities for career development in technology. By hosting and aggressively supporting STEM learning programs, TechCayman will have a long term impact by increasing student interest in the fields of technology. As more of Cayman’s youth choose technology as a career, the tech industry becomes a key component of the country’s future. TechCayman’s internship and mentorship opportunities open doors to an accessible tech ecosystem that will continue to grow and create numerous employment and career opportunities in the Cayman Islands.

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