Samir Mitra


Samir Mitra was part of the original Java team, a programming language and system that transformed the internet. He also founded Java Mobile (also called J2ME), recognizing the transformative combination of mobile devices and internet software before the 1st iPhone existed. Today Java Mobile is the programming language used by the largest mobile developer community in the world, the Android developer community, and the language that the Android operating system is written in.

Samir was an entrepreneur-in-resident at Sequoia Capital and has advised several venture capital firms in their new investments. He started two successful technology startups as a founder; Cast Iron Systems funded with Sequoia Capital & Norvest Venture Partners and Prism Circuits. Cast Iron Systems was sold to IBM and Prism Circuits to Mosys Inc, a public US technology company.

Seeking an opportunity to utilize software as a tool for social impact to more than a billion people, he became the technology advisor to the Prime Minister of India Office (PMO – at that time Dr. Manmohan Singh was PM India) and chief innovation advisor to the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. His innovative work to implement new government digital initiatives at speed and scale was showcased in a speech he gave to the United Nations assembly chaired by then Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon.

Being passionate for many years in digital healthcare based on his own family healthcare experiences, he committed himself to an innovative Multi-Specialty Remote Care Cloud product named as “Reya”. The company which builds the innovative product is called Reya Health Inc ( , based in Silicon Valley California and Samir is CEO of the Company. The company has offices in USA, UAE and India.

Samir holds several USA and international Patents ranging from semiconductor circuit design, application networking software and digital healthcare software.