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Our mission is to create a thriving tech ecosystem in the Cayman Islands by enabling large-scale and innovative tech companies to the Cayman Islands, and as a result, transforming the economy and Technology landscape.


We believe passionately in the power of knowledge and opportunity. Realizing the full potential of technology – access to education, and local exposure to global talent – to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TechCayman?

TechCayman is a service provider created to relocate new or existing tech companies to the Cayman Islands.

Visualize TechCayman as a portal through which companies pass, resulting in their ability to operate anywhere in the Cayman Islands, while benefiting from the unique range of advantages specific to our network.

Why should my company consider becoming a sponsored enterprise of TechCayman?

  • No restriction on office location = Freedom to establish an office anywhere in the Cayman Islands
  • Renewable 3-year work permits granted in a guaranteed maximum of 10 days
  • No restrictions on the number of work permits
  • Dependents welcome, with no restriction on their eligibility to seek employment
  • White glove concierge work permit & relocation services
  • Guarantee of no corporate, income, sales, or capital gains tax for 30 years
  • 100% foreign ownership allowed
  • No government reporting or filing requirements
  • Daily direct flights to the Americas
  • Central Time Zone equals competitive advantages
  • Exceptional quality of life in year-round warm, tropical climate

Is TechCayman a Special Economic Zone?

We are not a zone, and as such have fewer restrictions than a zone. We are a private, tech enabler.

How can I determine if my company is eligible to become a sponsored enterprise of TechCayman?

If you are an IT or Tech company doing business outside of the Cayman Islands, you are eligible to become a sponsored enterprise of TechCayman.

Am I restricted to a specific location for my company’s office?

Absolutely not. We are uniquely unmarried to any specific location. If you would like our client services team to assist in securing your office location, we have access to everything from shared workspaces to fully customized office suites in various locations around the island.

Will my company need a physical presence in the Cayman Islands?

Yes, to become a Sponsored Enterprise of TechCayman and to benefit from our unique offerings, you will need to establish a physical presence in the Cayman Islands.

Our model is to develop an ecosystem of Tech-based companies and to ensure IP and/or services are created, developed, and managed in the Cayman Islands.

What is the tax structure for companies formed in the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands are a tax neutral jurisdiction, and as such there are no corporate, income, personal nor capital gains taxes.

We advise you to speak with a tax specialist in your country of residence, as requirements of other country’s tax requirements do need to be considered.

Is it difficult to open a bank account in the Cayman Islands?

As a sponsored enterprise of TechCayman, you will have access to our preferred banking network and our Client Services Team will assist you throughout the process.

How can TechCayman help my company with recruiting?

We can facilitate introductions to qualified Caymanians and we strongly encourage the practice of hiring locally. We also have access to a global network of IT professionals.

What are the employer requirements about Health Insurance and Pension Plans?

All employees, whether hired locally or recruited from overseas, must be signed up with a local health insurance provider and local pension provider, even if the employees have health and pension plans in their home countries.

Is it difficult for my family to move with me?

Absolutely not. Your spouse and children can be added as dependents on your work permit, and there is no additional cost for this. Additionally, being part of the TechCayman network uniquely means your dependents are not restricted from working.

What school system is used in the Cayman Islands?

Schools in the Cayman Islands follow either British or American systems and are available for all ages. There is also a vibrant homeschool community. Our Client Services Team can guide you with this process.

Where will I live if I relocate to the Cayman Islands?

There are many properties available for rent or purchase and our Client Services Team will be invaluable to you during this process.

We liaise regularly with our network of real estate professionals and private owners to ensure we have current information on prime locations and available properties.

What kind of food is available in the Cayman Islands?

More than 130 nationalities live and work here, and our grocery stores reflect this diversity. We have several supermarkets located across the islands, and many host a wide selection of specialty food items that are restocked daily.

The hundreds of multicultural dining options, from 5-star restaurants to street-side bbq’s, have earned Cayman the title of “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.”

Is there good health care in the Cayman Islands?

Cayman offers World Class health care to residents and medical tourists alike. We have fully equipped hospitals, and dozens of private clinics, walk in clinics and specialty clinics.

More than 300 fully qualified physicians and specialists live and work on-island and because our health care system is private, there is little to no wait time to see the physician or specialist of your choice.

There is a locally published directory to health and wellness practitioners available at www.caymanhealth.com.

Can I bring my pets with me?

As long as your pet is not on the endangered species list and meets the requirements of the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture, it (they) can relocate with you. Our team can assist with this process.

What is the best way to learn more about the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Resident is the A-Z guide for all things Cayman. It provides information on everything from wellness to watering holes. InvestCayman is also an excellent resource.